Custom products just for you

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Custom products just for you


Recently we were contacted by one of our clients. Monica is a Polish American and she is our client. She likes our offer but she was looking for something special. She asked if we could design and print t-shirts for her family reunion. Her grandfather that is 90 years old now, came to the USA from Poznan just after the WWII. She wanted to celebrate grandfathers birthday in April with all her close and distant family. We couldn't be more happy to do it. With Monica's input, we were able to design the t-shirts and print them for her family. 

So if you would like to have a t-shirt, jacket, long sleeve shirt or any garment created just for you, your group or event, contact us through email or social media. We will be happy to do it for you. 

We are also open to suggestions about designing stationery, invitations and any product that can be transferred from your imagination to our computer and then to any media possible. Contact us for a quote. Monica's family is large and when she ordered the t-shirts she found out that with the larger amount we were able to offer her a discount. So don't wait, come and see if we can help you design something beautiful.